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Episode 6

An interview with Teena Shetty ’95 MD’00

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Long before she was the founder and director of the Concussion Program at Hospital for Special Surgery, Teena Shetty ’95 MD’00 was an undergraduate exploring her interest in English literature. A Fulbright Scholar, she spent a year studying literature at Oxford University before completing a master of philosophy in medicine at the University of Cambridge and returning to Brown for medical school.

In addition to her groundbreaking concussion work, Shetty is an assistant professor of neurology at Weill Cornell Medical College and serves as the neurologist for the New York Mets and as a neuro-trauma consultant for the New York Giants.

Women's Voices Amplified: Teena Shetty '95 MD'00 Leading neurologist and concussion expert on female mentorship, why she chose her specialty, and how writing her senior thesis at Brown helped her explore her heritage.

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In this episode of the Women’s Voices Amplified podcast, Shetty speaks with Women’s Leadership Council member Resa E. Lewiss MD’92 about finding the human element in medicine, her most recent work on the cutting edge of concussion treatment, and the formative role of her Brown education.

“I felt those limitless possibilities from Brown because it was such a broad education. That spirit of openness, I think, stayed with me throughout undergraduate and medical school and in my career where I continued to try to figure out: ‘How is it that I can make this better?’ Now it’s for my patients or for my concussion program, but whatever it is, what can I bring that is out of the box?”

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