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Dear Brunonians,

On behalf of the Brown Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations, we are writing to share some thoughts about the disappointing news regarding Reunion Weekend. For the first time in institutional memory, both Reunion Weekend and its beloved companion, Brown Commencement, will be postponed.

“Reunion” means “joining each other again,” and reconnecting is so important to the Brown community exactly because we are a true community. We know that delaying the opportunity to rejoin classmates and meet new friends from Brown is deeply disheartening.

First, we extend a heartfelt “thank you” to the many Reunion Committee Volunteers for their hard work over the past year planning for reunions. Your commitment to your classmates embodies Brown’s Ever True spirit.

Reunion is postponed, not cancelled, and our hope is to arrange a gathering as early as October 2020. Of course, the ever-changing landscape of public health will determine if this is feasible. And as soon as we know, we will inform you about the revised dates and plans.

Until then, it’s more important than ever that we take the time to stay connected with each other. Set aside time to send an email to your Brown roommate, teammate or lab partner. Follow the Brown alumni accounts on social media. Help a student or fellow grad with their professional life by updating your profile, expertise and interests in BrownConnect and your LinkedIn profile.

Stay well, stay connected, and—as we plan to do—stay Ever True to Brown. We can’t wait until we can see you again on College Hill.

Sara Leppo Savage ’90, P’22
President, Brown Alumni Association

Andy Shaindlin ’86
Vice President for Alumni Relations

P.S. Across the globe, Brunonians are helping their communities during this crisis. Whether they're on the frontlines, working with students, supporting their neighbors, or helping via virtual connections, we want to hear (and maybe even share) their stories. If you know an individual whose work deserves recognition, please let us know at