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Summer / 2021

An elderly patient in a wheelchair, seen from behind, with a reassuring physician's hand on their shoulder

The best way to fight Alzheimer’s? Together.

// Our People

By convening innovative researchers from across academia, Brown’s new Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research hopes to accelerate the pace of development for treatments and cures of this devastating disease.

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From the BrownTogether campaign co-chairs

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As we wrap up this fiscal year, there’s a lot for us to celebrate. Unsurprisingly, the biggest catalyst for this success has been the amazing individuals who have invested in Brown’s future.

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More Stories of Impact

Smiling headshot of Gabriel Reyes '18

How financial aid changed one young alum’s life
// Annual Fund

Financial aid has the power to open the door to more opportunities. For Gabriel Reyes ’18, it opened up a whole new universe of opportunities.

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A syringe and a rat inside a circle with a line going through it

Leaving animal testing behind

Brown researchers are pursuing a promising new method that could transform toxicology testing, making it faster and more effective without the use of animals.

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Arial shot of the football field

Football gets a modern home field advantage

The new Richard Gouse Field at Brown Stadium makes the jump from natural grass to artificial turf, giving football a “play fast” competitive home base.

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